Transnational Project Meeting Italy-Norway, 24 and 25 October 2013

As Marco Raschi already has announced:    On 24 and 25 October, the Partners Confartigianato Formazione CNIPA Umbria (Italy) and Porsgrunn Adult Education Centre (Norway) met in Perugia (IT) in a ‘bilateral’ meeting.

I suppose the old expression: “Life is like a river, you never go into the same water”, is well known. This expression really came to reality for the Norwegian team: After Italy, we will never be the same. The warm welcome and guidance through the program gave us new expressions, thoughts and ideas. A great inspiration!

And the weather: Sunny, no wind, 24 Celsius!

During the meeting at Marco’s office, we looked at the structure, design and content on the PEOPLE blog in general, and on his blog in particular. In our daily work, our work time is loaded with tasks to be solved, education, and people that want help. When Marco guided us through the PEOPLE– blog, and especially the blog of Confartigianato Formazione, we were in a situation where we could totally concentrate and discuss blogs used as a PLE, Marco’s philosophy concerning this subject, and our own ideas. This was a great inspiration for the Norwegian team, and gave us input for our next step in the work with the project.


Marco Raschi at his office, the 24th of October, 2013

As the principal of our entity, Miriam Håland, attended on the meeting, this discussion, lead to that our administration now is well aware of our work with PLE and the PEOPLE project. Later on the evening, we (Miriam & I) discussed and defined the use of our own blog in this project and in long terms. Conclusion: The meeting with Marco started a very useful process, and lead to a final conclusion. In this project, we will concentrate on one of the classes for immigrants at basic level A2 ( Way stage or elementary) within the Common European Framework of References for languages :Learning, Teaching, Assessments. The subjects will be limited to: Waste treatment, Sort out waste, recycling, and how to behave in accordance with sustainable development.

By studying the PEOPLE- blog together, we also had the opportunity to go into details, and we really discovered all the good work produced by the Portuguese team, especially Felipe, Pedro, and the coordinator. Thanks to you, you hardworking experts!

Guided tour at Confartigianato Formazione CNIPA

After the study of the blogs, Marco gave us a guided tour in the building. First to Stelvio Gauzzi, who welcomed us at his office.



Stelvio Gauzzi at his office, the 24th of October, 2013

Bilde4Two of a kind (Bosses!)

Bilde5Boss for 5 seconds

Education facilities

The Confartigianato Formazione CNIPA Umbria has their office in a brand new building. The rooms kept high standard, and all equipment needed were present. Functional, light, clean, fresh air, delicate. Perfect!



After the guided tour in the building, it was time for lunchBilde9

Seeking areas for future cooperation in the field of adult education. Short presentation of an idea.

Porsgrunn Adult Education centre was previously engaged in a Grundtvig – Partnership project, concerning ecological, economic, social and cultural sustainability. For all the Partners, the goal was to establish sustainable development in their organisations and in the surrounding communities. As all Partners represented educational and training organisations, this partnership was in a key position to promote the various dimensions of sustainability among teachers/trainers, adult learners and in our communities.

Valkeakoski Lifelong Learning Centre, by Johanna Jokinen, was the coordinator of this project. Under this leadership, it is obvious that the results were “first class”, and we have just received a letter from our NA confirming that our final report is accepted.

We have considered applying for a follow- up project on sustainable development. Our focus and goal is to promote sustainability on strategic and practical levels in different adult education organisations and training centres by teaching topics concerning sustainability, setting good examples and work towards a sustainable practice at the Partners entities, and promote sustainability by giving special lessons concerning these subjects.

To reach these goals, we will establish a program with focus on:

  • Presentation by all Partners describing what kind of actions (in the field of S.D) that has been carried out/ are planned to be carried out in their region, municipality, entity.
  • Presentation of all partners describing their view upon what is the greatest challenge in the field of S.D. these days (both global and local).
  • Discussions between the partners about new sustainable ideas, technology and actions that give hope for the next generation.
  • One of the main challenges is to change people’s thinking and “mental attitude”. We would therefore look into the field of main approaches to environmental ethics, and discuss how to change people’s attitude (moral care for nature).
  • Nudging as a tool for more sustainable behavior. Nudging is based on the idea that a friendly “push” in right direction may change behavior and raise awareness. Interesting.

The idea is that all Partners will discuss a common lay out for a blog, and that all Partners establish their own blog based on this pattern/structure. If there are too many differences between the Partners organisations, there must be room for “local adjustments”. But the focus must be on” a user-friendly” blog, it is easy to be carried away and fill the blog with too much information.

At last, we discussed the need for resources to carry out a project like this. Especially for the coordinating partner.


Marco gave us a really well organised guided tour in his city: PerugiaBilde10



And then Assisi.

From Wikipedia: Assisi (Italian pronunciation: [asˈsiːzi], from the LatinAsisium) is a town and comune of Italy in the province of Perugia in the Umbria region, on the western flank of Monte Subasio.

It was the birthplace of St. Francis, who founded the Franciscan religious order in the town in 1208, and St. Clare (Chiara d’Offreducci), the founder of the Poor Sisters, which later became the Order of Poor Clares after her death. The 19th-century Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows was also born in Assisi.


I let the pictures tell the story.

Assissi 1

asissi 2Asissi 3

Against the wall, Assisi

Asissi 4

Assissi 5Assissi 6

Right place for lunch?

Thank you, Marco, for your kindness and guiding!

I just have to present one more situation:


Marco explaining the structure of his organization, the education programs his organization offers, and the meaning of life.

And after this very special Partner meeting, I have to say that it is true:

“Life is like a river, you never go into the same water.”


Evaluation of meeting in Lublin posted

The evaluation report from the meeting in Lublin has been posted under “Meetings” and also under “Evaluation”. Direct link: Evaluation of meeting in Lublin.

It seems that the partnership is proceeding very well, and a majority of participants are happy with the atmosphere and quality of cooperation!

On average, everything was rated very positively. If there is something to be learned and/or changed for future meetings, it is perhaps the format of reporting the work done. Any suggestions?


Transnational Project Meeting Italy-Norway

On 24 and 25 October, the Partners Confartigianato Formazione CNIPA Umbria (Italy) and Porsgrunn Adult Education Centre (Norway) will meet in Perugia (IT) in a meeting ‘bilateral’.  During the meeting the two partners will discuss and compare on the methods and contents of the activities that everyone has put in place for the experiment proposed by the PEOPLE project in a logic of exchange of good practices. The meeting will be also an opportunity for both to seek areas for future cooperation in the field of adult education.

This is the Work Programme of Transnational Meeting Italy-Norway


About the testing of a PLE

It happened that in one of our courses a student on April 30 gave birth to a beautiful baby girl! She did not want to leave the course, she cared a lot about this opportunity for his career, and after 4 days she came to class with the newborn baby girl. Obviously this creates problems. We found a solution …………. in agreement with the Public Administration, we were able to attend it from home via Skype. I think it is a fantastic solution from the points of view of the testing PLE model and the protection of motherhood. What do you think about?