Work Programme

  1. Creation of online platform for project (8/2012)
  2. Organization of kick-off meeting (9/2012)
    1. Organization of Workshop on PLE with Social Media (to be taken by partners at the kick-off meeting)
  3. Preparation of tasks for kick-off: gathering information about social media tools used in educational contexts in partner countries/organisations (9/2012)
  4. Kick-off meeting:
    1. Workshop on PLEs with Social Media Exchange opinions on different social media in each country and their use in educational contexts
  5. Evaluation of the 1st meeting
  6. Dissemination of 1st step of the partnership
  7. Research of current uses of Social Media & PLEs in each country; frame those used in the partner’s national education systems; collect good practices-Insert the results in the project’s site
  8. Project teams experiment with the use of PLEs in order to familiarize themselves with the concept
  9. Preparation for 2nd meeting
  10. 2nd meeting: Summary of the research done; Presentation of the research to the partners; Workshop: check that project teams are able to use the tools selected; Planning the next step: teacher training
  11. Evaluation of 2nd meeting
  12. Dissemination of results of the 2nd step
  13. Designing course for trainers on the use of Social Media and PLEs (platforms, educational methodologies)
  14. Implementation of trainer’s courses; Trainers conceptualize a course on their subject using Social Media PLEs
  15.  Evaluation of the trainers’ course
  16. Interim partnership evaluation and interim report
  17. Preparation for 3rd meeting: systematizing the information collected from trainers’ training
  18. 3rd meeting: summary of the courses designed, implementation and results; social media as PLEs workshop continued
  19. Evaluation of 3rd meeting
  20. Dissemination of results of the 3rd step of the partnership
  21. Course implementation (some trained trainers implement their course ideas)
  22. Evaluation of courses implemented
  23. Preparation for 4th meeting: course evaluations and lessons learned
  24. 4th meeting: summary of course delivery, evaluations and lessons learned; emerging good practices
  25. Evaluation of 4th meeting
  26. Dissemination of results of the 4th step of the partnership
  27. Preparation for the 5th meeting: collecting and summarizing good practices, identifying challenges for development after partnership
  28. 5th meeting: Elaboration of a report on good practices, final evaluation of partnership
  29. Evaluation of 5th meeting
  30. Dissemination of results of the partnership: newspapers, conference papers etc.
  31. Preparation of final report
  32. Submission of final report, further dissemination